Business and IT consulting, designing and engineering

Key to our success lies in a multidisciplinary perspective and concerted action of professionals with different specialisations. By combining the knowledge, skills and experience of experts from different areas we can efficiently meet all current and future challenges and find the best and most appropriate solutions for each project.

The close cooperation of architects, urban planners, project engineers, investors and lawyers at every project stage enables us to successfully overcome obstacles and offer an outstanding level of service – every time.




Investments - from idea to realization

Integrated service and comprehensive one-stop solutions.

Preparatory activities

Before setting up a company to act as project coordinator, the Coin team prepares a comprehensive analysis of the location, a market analysis, an analysis of the financial and taxation aspect of the future company with regard to its field of activity and the selected financing model and, in the end, combines these into a market and financial feasibility study based on which the investor makes the final decision.

Conformity with the physical planning documents

After deciding on investment, the Coin team prepares a preliminary urban-planning and architectural design for the future project. This process includes the spatial planning analysis and its conformity with the applicable physical planning documents, and, potentially, the need to change the existing physical planning documents or to prepare new implementation plans.


After the adoption of the physical planning documents, the Coin team starts developing the design documentation (the conceptual design and the preliminary, main and working design), i.e., preparing the design documentation necessary for obtaining the location and building permits.


The Coin team prepares a tender for construction works selection and contracting, and takes on the task of professional supervision during the construction.


Upon the completion of the construction, the Coin team takes on the tasks related to categorisation, obtaining the operating permits, and preparing contract packages to be concluded between the property owner, the hotel and the marina operators, and the marina berth owners.

Urban planning, design and engineering

Our mode of operation is focused on finding the perfect balance between form and function, beauty and purpose, vision and results. We believe that our personalized approach, including close cooperation with our clients, results in functional and unique solutions which exceed all expectations.

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”
Winston Churchill


Urban planning

Preparation of physical planning documents at the level of urban-development plans and detailed development plans

Preparation of physical planning and programming background documents and spatial planning analyses as professional solutions; preparation of background documents for the preparation of spatial development plans

Preparation of urban-planning architectural solutions which investigate the possibilities of organising and using space

Urban-planning consulting as professional support to the client in:

- finding the best model of use and possibilities of construction in accordance with the prescribed physical planning regulations in the relevant field and
- agency and representation of the client's interests before the competent state-, county- and city-/municipality-level services 


Preparation of architectural solutions and projects on all levels: conceptual design, preliminary, main and working design for all stages of obtaining construction approvals (decisions on construction conditions, location permits, main project approvals and building permits)

Architectural consulting as professional support to the client in:

- finding the possibility of construction in accordance with the regulations in the relevant field
- obtaining all necessary documents until the completion of building construction
- coordination of all professions involved in the preparation of the main project

Professional design development


Preparation of solutions and water supply and drainage for all stages of obtaining construction approvals and preparation of the physical planning documentation

Professional building construction supervision

Preparation of certificates on the energy performance of buildings


Business consulting

“The ability to convert ideas to things is the secret of outward success.”

Many years of experience, knowledge, familiarity with the business environment, numerous references, along with a thorough and professional approach to our work, guarantee a high-quality of products and services adapted to the requirements of different client groups. Coin has developed a wide range of products and services adapted to the requirements of public and private companies, domestic and foreign investors, and local self-government units.

Investment and development, acquisitions and due diligence

When planning investments we develop methodologies and project models and assess them from the financial and taxation aspect; we prepare opportunity and feasibility studies and cost-benefit analyses.

In complex joint venture projects we estimate the risks and propose risk management procedures as a means of protection of our partners' interests in case of dispute.

Our role in acquisitions includes a detailed assessment of the current situation and potential risks from the commercial, legal and technical aspects, coordinating the work of all expert advisors, preparation of consolidated due diligence report with set up criteria for negotiation in making a deal and the acquisition plan.

Controlling and financial management

Well placed controlling and financial management system in private or public sector, contributes to more efficient management of liquidity, costs and financial result.

Being well aware that entrepreneurs and local governments are reluctant to traditional implementation of controlling system into the existing information system, we have developed a system that eliminates the need for users to purchase and mantain necessary hardware and software infrastructure (BI reporting).

Accounting and tax advisory

We adjust accounting services to the specific needs of each client, and with preliminary advice we protect the client from tax and other risks.

Our customers have constant access to their business records, balance sheets, state of profit and loss, balance at banks, and all that through internally developed cloud solution for business analytics (business intelligence), which gives our accounting services added value.

For clients who meet more complex issues of accounting, tax and finance, our tax experts who are very familiar with the complexity of tax rules, are at their disposal.


In 20 years of operation we learned together with our clients, grew and developed together with our projects, and thus built COIN as we know it today - the symbol of a network of local and international experts who are capable of managing, organising and realising a project of any size and scope.


“Individually we are one drop, but together we are an ocean.”


IT infrastructure

Technological orientation

We are a modern and IT-aware company using state-of-the-art technology in each segment of our operation. We enable the same to our clients, helping them to use all advantages of modern technology without investing in their own IT infrastructure.

Our solutions are based on open source and open standards, which makes us adaptable to each requirement, and eventually creates independent, assured and satisfied clients.

Own cloud solutions

Our business intelligence solution is intended for owners and the management for the purposes of financial reporting and planning. The generated reports, analyses and graphic presentations provide simple and understandable information on the state of play in the company and the environment in which it operates, detecting problems and creating a strong basis for business decision-making.

Our GIS solution offers an overview of spatial data through an interactive map. The user can easily obtain all the necessary information about the space that interests him/her.


Our IT team has built a innovative platform for data integration, analytics and visualization on which we develop different business solutions for efficient data management.



Through 3D visualisations, video materials and professional films, our multimedia experts are able to create a virtual reality and show us the future the way we would like to see it.


Barbara Peruško

Authorised project engineer

Daniela Škandul

Authorised architect

Iva Buljan

Authorised architect

Senka Zarubica

Authorised project engineer

Milena Barać

Authorised project engineer

Petra Cerkovnik

Authorised project engineer

Vedran Kadijević

Authorised project engineer

Valentina Blašković Kadijević

Authorised project engineer

Marina Peruško

Project engineer

Boro Galić

Project engineer

Katerina Velkavrh

Project engineer assistant

Lorena Gambin Veljović

Project development and financing specialist

Kristina Vitasović Kliba

Finance and controlling specialist

Rozana Banković Stupar

Finance and controlling specialist

Monika Jukopila

Accountant and tax consultant

Ingrid Blažević

Accounting department assistant

Dejan Gambin

Information systems and telecommunication expert

Andrej Prebanda

Web development and multimedia specialist

Luka Blagović

Web developer

Goran Veljović

mag. iur.

Lorena Gambin Veljović

mag. oec.

Barbara Peruško

dipl. ing. građ.

Mr. Sc. Dejan Gambin

dipl. ing. el.


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The Porto Mariccio and Dragonera project

The Porto Mariccio and Dragonera project

Client: Kermas Istra d.o.o.

Content and size: hotel, tourist and golf resort (27 holes). Spatial scope of the project: 350 ha.

Coin's task: entire development (management, urban planning, design, economic studies, finance, IT)

The Katarina project

The Katarina project

Client: Kermas Istra d.o.o.

Content and size: 500-berth marina, 500-berth dry marina, hotel and recreational facilities. Spatial scope of the project: 70 ha.

Coin's task: entire development (management, urban planning, design, economic studies, finance, IT)

Livka project

Livka project

Client: Azurna uvala d.o.o.

Content and size: marina, hotel, tourist settlement. Spatial scope of the project: 50 ha.

Coin's task: urban planning and design

The Trogir Marina and Service Centre project

The Trogir Marina and Service Centre project

Client: Servisni centar Trogir d.o.o.

Content and size: marina with a service centre, tourism facilities in the settlement. Spatial scope of the project: 25 ha.

Coin's task: urban planning and design

The Plomin Thermal Power Plant project

The Plomin Thermal Power Plant project

Client: HEP d.d.

Content and size: construction of the Plomin Thermal Power Plant C Block, capacity 500W

Coin's task: design, engineering, economic studies

The Antenal project

The Antenal project

Client: Antenal d.o.o.

Content and size: conversion of the quarry into a marina with tourism facilities; spatial scope of the project: 48 ha

Coin's task: design, engineering, economic studies

BI and GIS solutions for the public and private sector

BI and GIS solutions for the public and private sector

Type: open source, cloud services

BI solutions: business reporting and analytics; liquidity, cost and financial result management; connecting the group of users into a single system

GIS solutions: spatial data management; interactive map, modern interface

dataSimplified platform

dataSimplified platform

Purpose: platform for data integration, analytics and visualization

Coin's task: defining the product, analyzing existing data, solution design, data integration and app implementation